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Features of Ideal Website Design .

Here are some of the identifying features of excellent website design:

  • 1.Simplicity
    Having an over-designed website is never good when you want to impress your customer base. Too many elements on a single web page can be quite distracting and may divert your customers from the primary purpose of your website. Simplicity in website design is quite similar to that in the case of PowerPoint Presentations. A clean and fresh look is what gets the job done. Moreover, having a minimalistic site design will also impact loading time and make your website load faster on slower connections.
  • 2.Consistency
    Consistency is the key to every successful project. This goes just as well for web design. Matching various design elements throughout the website will make your website more attractive and easier to navigate. This applies to the fonts, sizes, sub-headings, headings, and buttons that your website uses. Using a single CSS file for the whole website is going to be very useful in this scenario. Finalizing the elements in advance is also an important factor as it allows sticking to them throughout the design process.
  • 3.Typography
    The design of your website doesn’t only deal with the elements and their placement. Good website design ensures that your website is able to deliver the required information to the consumers. Moreover, the readability of your website also significantly impacts the SEO ranking that you can achieve with it. You should try to consider the use of fonts that are attractive, yet readable. The positions of the text boxes also need to be precise as this will make them eye-catching, yet not distracting. Your website designing agency should be able to handle this.
  • 4.Color Palette
    Ideal color combination is an important factor that cannot be underestimated. Colors form an impression on the subconscious brain, and can be used to influence your potential customers to follow the call-to-action on your website. Colors can also be used to enhance the experience of your audience by making them easier to look at without causing any eye-strain. However, it is also important to refrain from using too many colors on your website as this can cause the over-cluttering mentioned before.
  • 5.Quick Loading
    This is an aspect of both website design and website development. Your website loading times are what will majorly impact your viewers as most users would generally click away from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. You need to get your website optimized for the slowest connections to ensure that the largest share of your target audience would be able to visit it without having to wait. This can be done by reducing the file sizes of your design elements, or even using less elements.
  • 6. Navigation and Communication
    It is crucial for your website to have easy navigation for the audience to reach the call-to-action button smoothly. Having a logical page hierarchy and clickable buttons can make the experience much smoother. Your website should also be able to communicate its purpose effectively - whether by graphics or text. A good way to ensure both is to design the website in a way that can give the user their required information in three easy clicks. This will have a positive impact on your conversion rates as well.
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The Best Web Designing Company in India .

To get the best website design, it is essential for you to hire the best website designing company in India. Antraajaal provides excellent web design services at the best rates in the nation. We have over 11 years of experience in the field, and our team of creative designers have ensured a positive client satisfaction record. Feel free to contact us for your website designing needs.

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