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Antraajaal continues to be the leader when it comes to branding or digital marketing in India.

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  • 1. Which is the best branding agency in chandigarh, panchkula and mohali?
    Although branding agencies are now in plenty in tricity. According to your requirement, you must try to hire a branding agency by checking their reviews and their experience.
  • 2.Is branding expensive?
    No, branding is simply an investment. The better agency you hire, the more are the sales. Hence it is just return on what you invest.
  • 3. What all does branding include?
    Branding includes logo designing, catalogue designing, brochure designing, company profile designing, brand manual, website design, and stationary like letter heads, visiting cards, etc.
  • 4. How much time does it take for complete branding?
    It takes one week for the initialisation of the process and logo designing. Then it all depends on your demand and requirements.
  • 1. What is digital marketing?
    Digital marketing is a process of marketing your product on digital platforms. It can be done by getting a website made and selling through that or through social media. It can also be done through third party like amazon.
  • 2.Is digital marketing expensive?
    No, digital marketing is the cheapest form of marketing in terms of returns. You can measure the action of clients and distribute funds accordingly.
  • 3. Which is the best digital marketing company in tricity?
    You can choose the best company around you by looking at their work and reviews. You need to choose a company that delivers.
  • 4.What all does digital marketing company in chandigarh include?
    Digital marketing starts from making the website. Then promoting it through various means. It also includes PPC or pay per click or google ads, social media marketing and social media marketing.

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