How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in India

digital marketing agency in India

Do you know how to start a digital marketing agency in India and run it successfully? Let us discuss a few tips and tricks about it.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industry in India and there is a lot of scope in it.

There are a whole lot of startups born on the internet every day.

According to NASSCOM India is the third-largest startup ecosystem. So, you can well imagine how beneficial it is to start a digital marketing agency in India.

Steps to start a digital marketing agency in India H2

Create a company website 

Before starting a digital marketing agency in India, you must have an eye-catching website.

A website is an essential prerequisite to promoting your services. Not just the website but you need quality content too.

Popular Indian bloggers start a blog from scratch and make millions and then start a digital marketing agency for others. Since they have worked for a real time project, they know the in and out of it.

You can create a WordPress blog or a website using some great theme like the Thrive themes which can be easily installed on your blog and are SEO friendly too.

You can even hire a Digital Marketing Agency located in India. They can build a professional website that can kick start your business. Antraajaal is one such company located in India.

Create Social Media Profiles

Create social media profiles for your digital marketing agency. Creating engaging content is very essential.

Creating content that goes viral in a positive manner can fetch you many likes and help you to build up your social media profile. Many Facebook pages in India started from scratch and now have millions of likes.

So it’s never too late. Even if you start today, you will gather some eyeballs. Try to create a content bucket and follow that religiously.

Keep fixed days for posting so that people wait for your content.

Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin are free to use and are a great way to interact with the audience.

Apply for Google Certification 

Crack Google Certification and become a Google Partner. Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants.

When you sign up for Partners, you’ll get access to a range of benefits, including special events and training, industry research, certifications and more.

You learn the latest parameters and can gear up accordingly.

Pick up projects from freelancer websites in India

Start Picking up the projects from Freelancer Websites like Freelancer or Upwork or work hire, Truelancer and many more websites. You can find freelance digital marketing projects from various big and startup clients.

Register your digital marketing agency in India 

Register your Digital Marketing Agency in India as Sole Proprietorship firm in the beginning and as your business grows, convert it into a private limited company.

You also need to register for GST and other taxation as applicable. This helps you to run your business in an authentic manner.

You can also hire a chartered accountant and get the initial consultation from him. This also helps you to understand legalities better.

Focus on the Content 

Create a stunning blog on WordPress or blogger and write the quality content on your blogs related to industry and submit it to the off-page.

You can also use Guest Blogging, pdf, ppt submissions for Quality backlinks or feature on the industry-related domains.

If you post quality content, people will automatically follow you. Be relevant.

Share what is not there on the internet. Do not spin content and keep reposting. Try writing on the subject that is close to your heart. So that you write better than others.

Internet is already full of content. We just need something better, not the same.


Create landing pages with project showcase 

Create the landing pages and run the ad words campaign. You can run a Email Marketing campaign & get the leads and put some convenience points, past projects, live examples that are with you.

You can show the projects as you do. Today is the era of niche specific targeting. So you can target one industry at a time.

Supposingly, you start with a pharmaceutical company. You can show the work done on his project and this will help you get similar clients. Once you master one niche, you can move to the next.

Talking about real life experience, Antraajaal- A Branding and Digital Marketing Agency in India started with real estate.

They worked for real estate branding for almost 2 years. After a while they started Digital marketing for various other companies for immigration, Pharmaceuticals, etc.


How to get clients for a Digital Marketing Agency 

Everyone is looking for a client at a low cost so here a few things to consider for marketing for Digital Marketing Agency:

  • Local listing search engine optimizations.
  • Post regular content on the local listing.
  • Make brand pages on all the platforms starting from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
  • Make a friendly & responsive website.
  • Start blogging to reach maximum people organically.
  • Share content with image posts on all the platforms.
  • Share the post in a relevant group on Facebook.
  • Share the post with hashtags on Linkedin & Twitter.



SO WHAT NEXT! Just follow the steps and jump into the ocean of entrepreneurship. Kick start you Digital Marketing Agency in India. 



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